Tuesday , April 20 2021

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About This Site

I created this site to tell people about various business opportunities, ideas, and methods I come across. I also deal with everything from web traffic to SEO to finance to offline business opportunities. I want to help people become successful in their chosen business or businesses. It is my hope that this site can bless those who read it and be a help to them. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or post constructive criticisms.

Some of the things I mention may have affiliate links that I earn a small commission from if you sign up from my link. If you learn or are helped from my site I would greatly appreciate it if you choose to sign up for something that you would do so through my link. I do not recommend things just to earn commissions, as there are plenty of things out there that I would not want to endorse. That being said, I am not going to make a habit of posting negative reviews of products or services, only because I don’t want this site to be cluttered with negativity. Why waste your time with negative things when I can post things that I truly believe could benefit you?

Even in regards to things that I believe in and recommend I will mention things I think that need to be changed or areas I did not like. This is not to be negative, but to inform the readers. I want people to know exactly what they may be considering, and the companies making the products never mention any downsides or problems with their products, even if the solution is simple.

There will be guest posts, and at times I may allow representatives from certain companies to post here. I do not want this to become a sales-page based site, so the representatives will have to provide useful content and not just a sales page. I do hope that this site helps you and welcome your comments.