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Options Domination
Options Domination

Options Domination Has Launched… Finally!

Options Domination Has Launched… Finally!

Options Domination is the options and eventually commodity futures trading company from the people who created DS Domination. I have been interested to see what exactly it would be, but after it was supposed to initially be launched weeks ago and was not, everyone was getting a little anxious to try it out. In all fairness the first launch was delayed because one of the main team members had a sick child, and I respect them putting family above business. Not many places would stop a launch in order to ensure an integral part of their team has the support and time to spend with his family when they need it.

I do like what they have done so far with Options Domination. They have taken a lot of the improvements in DS Domination and applied them to this project. Options Domination is a separate company from DS Domination, though it has the same main leaders (though I believe it is a different owner for Options Domination).

The basic idea of their companies is that you sign up for DS Domination and learn how to make money in ecommerce in all areas from eBay to Amazon to drop shipping to private labeling to Amazon FBA (if you are curious about DS Domination you can read my review here). Once you have built a sustainable income with DS Domination then you progress to Options Domination. The idea is not to stop DS Domination, but continue it and add to it a new source of income through Binary Options trading. Their plans are to expand Options Domination into commodities and other options trading as well. No mention has been made as to when we would see that or how it would be implemented, but it is based on their plan that once you grow in Binary Options trading you would advance to also adding commodities and other trading into the mix. They then plan on helping successful DS Domination and Options Domination members protect their wealth and save, while earning 10% a year in a safe, protected way. There is no mention of what that exactly is or when it will launch. I should also point out that you do not have to be a DS Domination member to join Options Domination, it is just their plan to help you earn enough money through DS Domination that you can then take the money you earned and earn more money through Options Domination.

I have only tried the system out in a demo account, so the trades mean nothing in real life. The first trade I did was for $5,000 (in demo money, LOL) and it won for $8,300. This was based on the one signal that I saw before the Options Domination signals stopped for the day. Obviously I will need to try more than one signal to get a feel for it and how well it will do. They recommend you start in a demo account for the first two weeks any way to get everything figured out and your money management learned and applied fully. In my opinion this is wise advice that will keep many from wiping out their accounts because they start trading emotionally or getting greedy. If people will actually following the training Options Domination provides, and not start adding their own twists to it, then they should do well. All the people I saw have problems with eBay when using DS Domination were people who were not following the most basic parts of the training DSD recommended. There is an old saying that many would be wise to heed, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

They only recommend two Binary Brokers right now and one is Nadex, both are VERY different takes on Binary Options, with Nadex being far more like regular trading and the only one currently regulated in the United States. Many of the other Binary Options brokers are shady and regulated in offshore areas like Cyprus. This is the same European island that took uninsured deposits during the financial disaster there, so I hardly trust their “regulation.” Nadex is also not really a “broker” as it is technically an exchange only, so it has no financial interest in you losing trades like the brokers do. It makes money off of trading or settlement fees and not on you losing or winning a trade. To me that sets Nadex ahead of the pack of Binary Options brokers because there is no financial incentive for them to refuse payouts or “help” you lose trades.

The other broker they recommend (mainly for people outside the US, though US users can use it) is Goptions.com. Of the two Goptions is by far the easier platform. The Goptions app is also really well done and works well. Everything seems great with them, but the real key will be when the time comes to withdraw your money, can you do so? This is the largest problem people have with Binary Options brokers, with the exception of Nadex. A lot of the negative reviews sound like people just did not want to cooperate with the broker by providing verification information. Options Domination goes through this step-by-step in the training, so you know BEFORE you deposit any money that you will be required to verify things before you can make any withdraw. Basically, you will need a copy of the credit/debit card used (first 12 digits blacked out), an ID like a driver’s license or Passport (and I asked a few brokers and you CAN edit out the license or passport number), and a proof of address. All they are trying to do is verify that your payment is valid before they release funds back to you. If you had used a stolen card this would protect them from you being able to withdraw funds and scam them. I do think other brokers may also use the verification as an excuse to not give you your money back, so I would avoid any brokers besides the ones Options Domination recommends, as they seem to be diligently testing the brokers before recommending them.

I do like Options Domination so far. I am going to start off very slowly with small trades. I am not going to do my $5,000 trade that won like I did in the demo account. I have no idea how well it will do, but I do like DS Domination and think that their new venture into trading will do just as well, if not better, than DS Domination has done for me.

I will post a new review once I know for certain how well it does and get some feedback from others that have tried it. If you have tried it and have any observations or comments please post them below.

To learn more about Options Domination Click Here!
To learn more about Options Domination Click Here!

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