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DSDomination Review – Make Money With No Inventory?

DSDomination Review – Make Money With No Inventory?


I must admit, when I first read about DSDomination I was intrigued. I had been selling on eBay and Amazon for over a decade. One of the biggest problems I always had was keeping enough inventory in stock and sourcing inventory that was affordable enough that I could resell it for a decent profit. DSDomination took the problem of inventory out of the mix, though it seemingly added a new problem, that of selling inventory for considerably more than it sells for on other sites.

How could this work? My business plan had always been to buy inventory for the lowest prices and resell it for the prevailing retail market price at the time. DSDomination is essentially a new twist on retail arbitrage, but it is dealing with arbitrage from Amazon to eBay. For those who do not know what arbitrage means in this case, basically you take items Amazon has in stock and list them on eBay. That is the basic idea, but the DSDomination training covers a number of things that need to be done to ensure you do not blow up your eBay account or Amazon account. Please do not take this review and run off and start listing on eBay, get yourself in trouble, and then blame me. If you want to try this business then spend the $19.95 and get the training to ensure you have all the tweaks and tips understood. I have seen too many people get the gist of the business and run off and get their eBay accounts suspended. I have even seen people who signed up for DSDomination, but then did not watch all the training and got themselves suspended. Don’t play games with your eBay or Amazon accounts.

Take from Amazon’s Inventory

I decided to sign up for it. The main man in the videos and webinars is a man named Roger Langille. He struck me at first as a salesman and too hyper. He has grown on me. I think he is more of the old-school internet marketer, but that can rub some people the wrong way. Whatever the opinion one may have of Roger, his system works well and you are not buying a friendship, you are buying a business idea.

List Amazon’s inventory on eBay

Since I had been selling on eBay for many years and had tens of thousands of positive feedbacks, I had no problem starting on the plan and listing hundreds of items. Items sell quickly and there is rarely any issues with the item being in stock, which is a problem that is unavoidable in any business where you do not have the inventory in hand (including Amazon FBA, as they have lost items of mine in their warehouses on a number of occasions).

The biggest problem I have had is that, while rare, sometimes the item’s price on Amazon has went up compared to when I listed the item on eBay, so I could have a situation where I lose money on the transaction. Now the DSDomination training tells you to just refund the customer in such a situation, but any seasoned eBay seller knows that such is a recipe for disaster. Ebay takes cancellations of orders very seriously, and too many on an account can lead to issues, including suspension or banning from eBay completely. Mine choice in these situations of losing money is to simply lose the money and ensure my customer gets the item they ordered.

The other problem, which is rarer, is that the item is out of stock. The simplest fix for this has been to simply search Google and find the item elsewhere. In many cases this problem has actually resulted in me earning higher profit for the item, because I find it elsewhere for cheaper. Hint: Don’t bypasses checking eBay also for the same item and having the eBay seller ship it to your customer. When the item is out of stock on Amazon, no marketplace should be overlooked.

DSDomination has a number of upgrades, but after the initial sign up they are not hounding you to upgrade to advanced methods and training. One of the things I like about it is that they repeatedly mention to not upgrade until you are making money from the Pro level (which is the entry level at $19.95 a month). That is wise advice. I have had people I referred to DSDomination who spent hundreds upgrading to the various levels, and then to only not follow through and do anything. This is a common problem in any business opportunity: people sign up and then do nothing with the information they learned. Yes, it is under $20 a month, but there is no reason to waste $20 a month on something you are not doing.

I highly recommend DSDomination. I have my referral link below. It does not cost you any extra to sign up under me, it just means I get commission for your sign-up and I will also provide assistance as needed. I have helped a number of people and would be happy to help anyone who signs up under me. If you are willing to actually follow the training and not start venturing out to your own ideas (the old “reinventing the wheel” syndrome) then you can have great success with this.

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